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The Repetitiveness to Success with English.

To be a successful  English learner, one must  remember that there are many important variables that come into account. The most important of these variables, “in my opinion” is repetitiveness. The use of something in a real situation more than just one or two times.  When a student learns a new phrasal verb for instance, that student should use that phrasal verb as much as possible and in every possible situation, but not just one day or that afternoon. Every day and every chance that offers itself.  One might feel as if they are over doing it by using the same word, meaning, phrasal verb or idiom over and over, but once it has been used to the point of boredom, it’s safe to say that the new information has been successfully learned and understood.

On the other hand, when a new word or phrasal verb is not used immediately and repeatedly, it is often forgotten and fades away. In this case the new information is still in the brain, but not easily accessed and it could take years to be able to make good and natural use of the information.

Practice makes perfect, a saying that has proven to be 100% true 100% of the time. It is better to practice a small amount of time every day rather than a long amount of time once a week. If something is practiced and remembered every day, It will become a normal part of everyday communication much faster than the alternative. Just 10 minutes each day is better than 4 hours once each week. Make good use of your time and money and be a successful English learner.

Written by John Gauer